• Selling your Policy


    It is common that as people reach the retirement age, their life insurance policy is no longer needed or wanted. In many cases, this is due to the fact that the beneficiaries have made it on their own and no longer dependent on this financial security. In other cases it is not wanted to the hardships of paying costly premiums.

    Selling an existing life insurance policy is a powerful financial tool that allows an individual that is insured to convert his/her life insurance policy into cash. In a typical case, a licensed life insurance settlement provider (the buyer) will purchase the policy, become the owner and beneficiary of the policy and of course takes over the responsibility of premium payments. The original policy holder is than released from any further obligations.

    Many people don't think of their life insurance as an asset. Once they secure coverage they often pay the premiums and give little thought to the policy as an investment. It seems to be an invisible role in their financial portfolio or is regarded as an expense that must be kept up. But by the time you near retirement your policy has become a solid asset with years of equity. It's money you can use today. We can help you unlock its potential.

    LifeRedeem is committed to providing you with the knowledge you need to have in order to make an that smart decision. We are also commited to handling your case with the confidentiality, privacy and urgency that it deserves. As one of the nation’s most experienced and respected life settlement funders, we are a direct buyer and are  here to personally assist you with each step of the transaction once you make the decision to sell your policy.